About the Artist

My blog, Life Through My Lens,  developed along with my art. As I considered the experience of photography and the role photography and photographs have played in my life, the writing came easily.  These are the stories of my adventures in life, love, friendship and family, and the lessons I’ve learned while looking through the lens of my camera.  Whether I am writing about my foibles in the field or musing about old family pictures, I am drawn to tell the story.  I think there is a reason children’s books are so beautifully illustrated and movies are such a popular media for storytelling. We are a visual species.  We connect emotionally with what we see. If you doubt that, look around the room you are in or look at your phone. We are surrounded by meaningful images. We are surrounded by images that evoke emotion.  It’s a beautiful thing.


I have had a passion for photography throughout my life. With an eye for finding the beauty in ordinary moments, I have photographed a myriad of subjects. Captivated by the beauty and magic of the natural world, I earned a BS in Biology at the University of Alaska Fairbanks where I had extraordinary opportunities to explore the stunning diversity of life. My work reflects these diverse experiences. I have lived most of my life in Washington where I have developed a deep fascination with the rich history of life along Washington rivers. My photographs capture both the elegant simplicity of nature and its strength in the face of competing man-made elements.  This story unfolds in my images.


One of my most treasured opportunities has been to photograph athletes in action.  With joy and wonder, I strive to capture those unguarded moment of sheer exertion when athletes realize the depth of their commitment to their goals and to their teammates. Their willingness to leave it all on the field or the water drives them to dig deeper to find that last bit of energy and will.  I am so honored to be allowed to share these moments with athletes and to give their families and friends the opportunity to experience these moments as well through my photographs.